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Sale of power units

Altertecno sice early ‘80s is dealer of FPT (Fiat Powertrain Technology), a brand of the Fiat Group dedicated to research, development, production and sale of engines and spare parts.
FPT is one of the most significant players in the powertrain sector on a global level.

Altertecno deals in the resale POWER GENERATION, which includes:

Standard groups, special groups, plant and after-sales services.

The range includes standard versions of the generators and to tend land and even gas versions of board, suited to different applications such as emergency services, self cogeneration.

The range of FPT for Power Generation applications families NEF, Cursor and Vector capable of supplying power from 45 kVA to 1,150 kVA.

FPT portfolio includes a huge range of "hybrid" configurations (with the possibility of sub-base, electrical machinery, control panel, etc..), complete sets, both open and closed, and a number of special products tailored to meet the specific needs of the customer often represented by major "contractors" such as Armed Forces, telephone operators that produce energy.

Power systems are subject to supply "turnkey" one of the special products include groups of 400 Hz-28 V, and generators used at airports in containers that satisfy high Megawatt, are intended for installations emergency and / or for the production of electricity or gas on offshore platforms, onshore and offshore. Low voltage distribution panels, shelters and specific resistances complete range of specialty products.

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