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Biogas power plants

It is over 30 years now that Altertecno has been producing power plants fuelled by biogas obtained from a number of sources including urban sewage treatment, animal breeding refuse and vegetable biomass anaerobic digestion. Thanks to government incentives, the latter source currently holds a lot of potential.

Altertecno’s installations are turn-key. Its services cover plant construction and management, sale of the electric and heat energy produced by its plants, and all red-tape associated with the production of energy from renewable sources (Green Certificates, White Certificates, ….).

Any farm can produce biogas for their energy needs, to further enhance agricultural production and to create new profitability.

Energy production by biogas is supported by the facilities provided by different international policies for the development of renewable energy.

  • Biogas Production is a new source of income;
  • Biogas Production provides an economic return in the short term
  • Biogas Production is available to everyone and investments are balance with the profit
  • Biogas Production will become more and more necessary because the the need for alternative energies will increase, and traditional sources will gradually run out


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