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Biomass plants

Biomass is anything that has organic matrix, with the exception of plastics and fossil materials. One of the main applications of biomass is energy production.

Through anaerobic digestion the organic matter is transformed into biogas (mixture of gases: methane, carbon dioxide, hydrogen, oxygen and carbon monoxide), which is picked up and used as fuel for the WTE, and then transformed in electrical energy.

The energy produced is fed and transferred to the electrical network.

 Producing energy from biomass has several advantages:

  • Reduction greenhouse gas emissions
  • Reduce pollution of animal waste and odor and water recovery
  • Use of waste from the collection
  • Improvement of waste from the agro-industrial
  • Reduction of energy vulnerability
  • Integration of income and diversification of agricultural production
  • Obtain "Green Certificates"that can be sold at market price


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