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Power plants by dump

Altertecno has developed many systems plants from dumb falled into disuse.

The biogas, gas that for its chemical composition and chemical properties could be extremely dangerous for man and the environment, used as fuel, it is a good way to produce electricity and heat.

Urban sewage in dump falled into disuse creates biogas, a mixture of different types of gas produced through bacterial fermentation of the organic compounds in the absence of oxygen.

The biogas has conveyed into an incinerator for processing into electricity and than put into the electricat network.

Biogas plants have a double advantage: the environmental and the economic one.

The environmental advantage depends on:

  • the biogas disposal (toxic waste)
  • reduction of fossil fuels employment

The economic advantage depends on the energy production. The plant’s owner gets " Green Certificates" that can be selled at market price to industries or activities that are obliged to produce a proportion of energy from renewable sources but who are not to do on their owns.


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