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Rent of Power Units

Altertecno offers its customers an area dedicated to the rental.
Our customer are private citizen, company (small and big), event organization, house-builder and event manager.

Altertecno proposes a new kind of rent: the POWER RENT. It differs from the classical one because it is able to provide a full service "energy charter" . It guarantee, in the short term, the installation and management of real small power generation. The units are made with gas or diesel generators appropriately proportionate to the needs of the customer and operating in parallel with each other to ensure a proper supply of energy in continuous service according to the low.

Ideal for those situations when you are far from the public grid or when public grid can’t  satisy clients needs, such as:

  • Large events
  • Work in places with difficult accessiblity
  • Temporary Fault

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Rent of Power Units
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