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Vegetable oil: why use it?

  1. Meets Kyoto protocol parameters while also allowing for CO2 closed-cycle balancing
  2. Compact yet high production capacity generating unit
  3. 100% renewability of the fuel consumed.

The current renewable energy systems’ scenario is highly complex. Value for money, though, there is no beating vegetable oil-fuelled cogeneration. There are far more kWh for each euro ploughed in compared to any other cogeneration system currently available. What’s more, this type of system is extremely compact. For the same annual power production, for instance, the costs of a solar energy generation plant are far higher (10 times) and the space required far greater (100 times) than for a cogeneration plant fuelled by vegetable oil.

Being less space-consuming means far easier siting for such installations, which are also less noisy and smelly to run plus less all-those-other-inconveniences that are so typically associated with other types of renewable energy cogeneration systems.

Of course, the foregoing considerations are not in any way meant to detract from the advantages afforded by other renewable energy power generating systems. They intend, though, offering food for thought for better evaluating the indubitable advantages of vegetable oil-fuelled plants.

Main fuel sources of vegetable oil-fuelled plants include:

  • rapeseed oil;
  • sunflower oil;
  • palm-oil;
  • soybean oil
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