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Vegetable oil-fulled power plants: how does it works

A power plant fuelled by vegetable oil essentially consists of electric generators powered by Diesel endothermic engines suitably modified so as to be able to run on liquid biomass (vegetable oil).

Like any other cogeneration plant, the power unit simultaneously yields electric and heat energy.

The fuel required to generate heat energy is essentially a by-product that is normally discharged via heat exchangers (radiators), so that no extra costs need be incurred to harness the heat.

The electric energy produced with such plants may be fed into the grid, entitling the in-feeder to benefit from highly incentive, all inclusive rates for up to fifteen years or, alternatively, to obtain green certificates, depending on the amount and quality of the biomass employed.

Running of the plant’s work cycle only requires consumption of a very small portion of the heat energy produced. What’s left over can be easily and conveniently put to use for domestic or industrial district heating or for any of a number of applications traditionally using water heated to about 80 °C.


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